If you know about the security situation in Nigeria, you will  agreed with me that the need to embrace every security measure is not over rated. Cars get stolen on daily basis with little or no assurance from our security  agency that they could be recovered.

If you are hoping that you would call 911 to come for your rescue the day your car get snatched…you have my pity. There have been several incidents where the Nigerian police force will ask you to make deposit before they can embark on the recovery of your car(which is 99% certain that they won’t recover it)

Why wait or put your trust on the Nigerian Police when you can get 1000% security for your car? yes i meant 1000%. The Police will only give you 1% assurance that you will recover that stolen car of yours but when you contract a car tracking company, You have absolute peace of mind without minding to call the police when the incident of theft happens.

The Car tracking companies gives you all you need to monitor, Track and recovery your vehicle at any point in time and just in case you are wondering if that would cost you a fortune….:D, My dear reader, tracking your car is cheaper than contracting a police to conduct a search for your missing car.

I remember when my brother inlaw lost his 2010 model Toyota Highlander, The police asked him to make a deposit of 200,000naira(Two Hundred Thousand naira) before they could carry out a search for the missing vehicle. My inlaw went ahead to pay them and after almost 3 months of waiting, they recovered the car in Onitsha.

My in-law was happy, at least his wait and the commitment he made to the police paid off but to bust your bubble, do you know that my in-law was made to pay another 300,000 naira(Three Hundred Thousand naira) to reclaim his lost but found car? The police claims that they would need to settle all officers that were involve in the search(as if its not their duty to secure life and property)


To cut the long story short, These are usual happenings in our country and you don’t want to be a victim before you learn to do what’s right. Securing your car with a vehicle tracking company in Nigeria is all you need to have peace of mind over your automobile.

I made a short research online to get the best companies that offer this service at a reduced rate. I had to call over 10 of them, and among the few i found, this guys stand seem to stand out; Fleet Realtime Car Tracking Company. Their website seem unique among the others i visited and when i called their customer care line, i was wowed with their response. The lady that spoke with me was so calm and resolved to help me find solution to what i want.

I ask her for discounts and she politely said Yes! but for bulk installations. I promised her that i would bring her more customers, she laughed out loud and told me Thank You. I guess she thought i was kidding. So to prove her wrong, i decided to write this article about them. If you are looking to secure your car anytime soon, Please permit me to refer you to http://www.fleetrealtime.com.ng ….That’s their website. Don’t forget to tell them you got the referral from me (My name is Chidiegwu Onyemere, just incase you are new to my blog)

Do well to come back to drop review about their services if you eventually subscribe to any of their services. I will be glad if you can help others to make the right decision. Peace out!!!