is an expert in the delivery of car tracking services to myriads of clients all over the world. We are a car tracking company with many years of experience. We are exceptional in the delivery of best car tracking services to all Nigerians.

To get a more comprehensive overview of our services, we recommend you take time to read through the home page. If you do so, you will be equipped with the rich information about our company and mode of operation.
Our company is a subsidiary of Impactcentric Techniks, which is number one surveillance and security tracking company in Nigeria with physical offices in Lagos, Abuja, Kano and Port Harcourt. We have been in the business of car tracking for over 8 years. Thus, our years of professional service delivery speak volumes.

All our clients will enjoy a maximum of 2 years warranty, and this is part of the reasons why people keep using our services. We are confident that there are some companies that claim they sell the best car tracking device out there, but none could be compared with the type of services we provide.

We are 100% aware that none of these car tracking companies would be able to give more than 1 year warranty to their customers, but we are giving up to 2 years. The reason is simple; we know the quality of what we have, so we know that you will enjoy using them to the fullest.

Sometimes, we find it slightly difficult convincing most of our clients that our products and services are exceptional. Our unique selling points include letting our clients know that we are adopting the right practices all through the installation processes.

It may interest you to know that we have happily served clients in the following insurance companies, small and medium-sized corporations, government agencies, logistics firms, banks, insurance companies, etc. In fact, our clients are spread over the country.
We were the first car tracking companies in lagos that started the Resellership plans for people that wanted to start the car tracking business. When we started, people barely know of car tracking. We started something that most people thought weren’t possible. We faced lots of rejections, and hurricane forces, yet we didn’t waned. We kept on waxing stronger.

We not only install the devices for you, we also train you or your staff on how to effectively use these devices. With a credible car tracking device, you will know where your car is at every point in time.

Thus, if you are searching for a reliable car tracking company to handle your fleet issues in Nigeria and even beyond, you don’t need to look further, kindly come to us, and you will be happy you did. We are ready to give you high quality services at affordable rates.